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We are the first, best and most prominent DMCA service in the industry, offering the unparalleled advantage of comprehensive protection and an immediate increase in revenue. Providing creators peace of mind and the reassurance that the appropriate measures are taken, ensuring their content is protected against illegal sharing using the latest technologies.
Enabling them to concentrate on running their online business, engage with their fans and monetizing content to the fullest extent.

Over a decade of experience in safeguarding online content
Manual searches by a trained and experienced agent
Successful removal of a substantial amount of unauthorized content
Enabling to monetize content to the fullest extent and increase sales
Which DMCA service suits your creators best?

How our service compares to other DMCA services.

Google offers their Transparency report which is a great tool to choose the best DMCA service to offer the creators linked to your agency or platform. Below you find examples of how a manual search based service compares to several automated DMCA services.

The service that offers you a real-life agent gets almost double the number of results removed from Google. The more time this person spends on their brand, the higher the quality of brand protection. All companies have reported millions of results to Google, which makes these statistics comparable.

Fully automated services consult their databases, target specific websites, take all URLs, and report these to Google.
It seems like many more URLs are “found”, but this is not how Google works and how Google allows you to submit takedown notices.

Performing numerous manual Google searches with a lot of variations of the creator’s brand name(s) provides the best possible results and a high quality brand protection. Via manual searches, we also access illegal content behind paywalls, which can’t be done by automated searches.

Other automated DMCA services

How our service compares to other DMCA services.

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