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What does OnlyFans do about piracy? 

If you are on this website reading this blog, you probably know a lot about OnlyFans already. Still, we want to write this blog for you to get to know OnlyFans, and especially what they do about piracy.  

General information 

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 in Britain and is a subscription website that lets content creators of all kinds monetize their passion and showcase their awesome photo’s, videos and other creative content. Content creators can create a monthly subscription, and also can offer a specific piece of content for a set price. A so called ‘pay-per-view’. You can create a free page, for example to trigger people to buy a subscription for the paid/VIP page. From the money you earn on this platform, OnlyFans retains 20% of it.   OnlyFans doesn’t have an app, since Google doesn’t allow apps with sexual content. Besides Fitness instructors, writers, music artists and chefs, OnlyFans has lots of adult content creators. OnlyFans wasn’t made for this purpose only, but it has given adult content creators a great platform. They can’t post anything on socials, since nudity is also restricted there.  

How does it work? 

It’s fairly easy to create an OnlyFans creator account. The lay out of an account is very basic, so personalizing your OnlyFans account is a must. To create a OnlyFans creator account, you must identify yourself with your ID. To guarantee the safety of the platform so no one can just make an account.  

How safe is OnlyFans? Can pirates steal your content and post it on OnlyFans? 

The answer is short; yes they can. OnlyFans did its best protecting creators through the mandatory ID verification. Also, before seeing anything on a VIP page, someone should pay for the monthly subscription. It has been proven that fake account with content from models have been created on OnlyFans. Pirates subscribe for a month, screenshot the content and publish it elsewhere for free or even paid. Pirates stealing content after subscribing isn’t something we can blame OnlyFans for. This is something they possible can’t prevent. However, pirates who are able to create an account under a model’s name is something that should be happening. It seems to be that there is still a way to skip/avoid/influence the verification.  

Your OnlyFans content has been stolen, or there is a fake OnlyFans account of yours. Now what? 

Contacting the OnlyFans DMC team is probably the first thing you want to do.  You can email the team at [email protected] to get help going against platforms that are illegally displaying your images and videos. This is what they say on their website:  OnlyFans takes content piracy very seriously. 
  • Our designated Copyright team issues formal takedown notices against all reported copyright violations. 
  • Our Copyright team’s service is provided free to all of our Creators. 
  • The Copyright team issues notices on all illicit target websites, hosting services, and domain registrars, while also notifying all major search engines of these infringements.  
To file Copyright Infringement notices, Creators should send all supporting details and evidence via a support ticket. Please provide the link to the page in question, as well as supporting screenshots. You may also click “Report” near the post with copyright infringement and select option “This content contains stolen material (DMCA)”.  Removal turnaround time is on a case by case basis and dependent on the infringing website and due legal process. Please be advised that OnlyFans does not have direct control over the actions of other websites but we will do our best to get stolen content taken down. We also encourage you to reach out to the website directly. 

The reality 

We have spoken to many content creators and noticed that multiple times, it can take up to 3 month before OnlyFans even looks into your DMCA issue. It isn’t their first priority, since they are a platform posting content. Not an agency that removes stolen content. However, we believe that responding after no less than three months, is not something creators are really helped with.  

Serious help?

Do you want your stolen content issues to be dealt with within hours and in 97% of the time, even removed within 24 hours? We are the go to company that solves your infringement issues!   Reach out to us through email, Instagram or Twitter. We respond within 48 hours, instead of 3 months 😉   Read our other blogs, for example: how do I search for my stolen content, to find out what you can do to fight piracy!