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What does Chaturbate do about piracy? 

As a company that is active in the adult industry, we believe it is our duty to inform adult content creators about the different platforms to cam/publish content on. And even more important, what every platform does about piracy! Today, you are reading about the platform Chaturbate.  

What is Chaturbate?

The platform chaturbate broadcasts live cam shows which viewers can pay for true tokens. It is a so-called freemium platform, which means that the basic service is provided for free, and people need to pay for extra features. For example, a cam model goes live on Chaturbate and if a viewer asks her to do anything specific, he must pay tokens for it. The platform has millions of paying viewers who are ready to watch cam shows in the comfort of their homes. Therefore, chaturbate is very suitable for new and starting cam models, since there is already an audience. You even get a ‘new’ tag the first week on Chaturbate, triggering viewers to watch new content creators.  

So how does Chaturbate work? 

Models can earn money in many ways. Besides doing free cam shows and creating a public chat room, they can also offer premium shows, or offer videos and images on the platform. Another way to earn money is to buy a sextoy, called the lovense lush. It is a powerful vibrator set off by tips. This encourages people to tip just to watch you enjoy and cum repeatedly. It’s really a win-win situation.   The platform offers many other ways to get paid through your shows, content or extra features. Just going on the platform and start trying out different ways to earn tokens, teaches you what works best. Chaturbate changes ways for content creators to make money every year, just to improve and maintain the quality of the platform.  

Chaturbate and content piracy 

Being able to watch cam shows and content for free, makes it easy for pirates to steal content if yours. Chaturbate does have a feature called ‘piracy disruptor’. To see how this works, go to:  We have to admit that by creating this mechanism, Chaturbate makes it a lot harder for pirates to record cam shows. We did have to read the text a couple if times just to understand how it works. It’s not easy, but hey, if it was easy, pirates could probably also bypass easier.  

Your Chaturbate content stolen!

Then it turns out, your Chaturbate content is stolen anyway and published somewhere you just don’t want out there. What to do? Chaturbate has the following explanation on their website:   Copyright violations are commonplace on the internet. We understand that having your content posted on websites without your consent is a major violation of privacy.  If you find your content (videos/pictures) being hosted on another website, please contact support. In the email, please include a list of the URL links of the content you wish to have removed.  So, contacting Chaturbate is probably the best thing to do ([email protected]). This is a message someone received from Chaturbate after finding stolen content:  ‘Any recorded content that you are seeing was captured by someone other than Chaturbate, and in violation of Chaturbate’s terms of use. It is a violation of your rights for sites like these to illegally record your boradcasts and republish them without your consent, which is why we have begun offering this free take down assistance service. Since it is your copyrights that are being violated, you are the only one who is in a position to pursue claims against this site. With that said, we are prepared and willing to offer you any assistance that we’re able. We would be happy to help you by sending DMCA take down notices on your behalf, but we’ll need some additional information from you before we can do so. 


So, Chaturbate is willing to help you with your DMCA take down notices. It is a kind email explaining in detail what Chaturbate does and is willing to do for a performer. We have also heard that Chatrubate has been successful in taking down stolen Chaturbate shows and content. Go Chaturbate!   Stay tuned to read more about other platforms and how they handle piracy from their platform.