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Exclusive tips from OnlyFans model Miss Bella Romano

Our Canadian pride, Miss Bella Romano. A real OnlyFans expert since she started way before Covid hit us and lots of people started joining OnlyFans. She used to work as a stripper but had to stop because of an injury. This was the start of her OnlyFans career. When she became more and more popular, she found out about her stolen pics and vids. She saw other content creators talk about Cam Model Protection and she didn’t think twice. Bella messaged us and asked how our services work exactly. Because of the fast, comforting and clear response, Bella immediately subscribed for the biggest plan. The Superstar VIP, as she discovered that her piracy problem was quite big already. Now, there is few stolen content of hers online and if pirates publish something again, it is taken down by her personal agent within 24 hours on average.

Bella Romano: Take my money and remove all those pirated images of mine!

Being a successful OnlyFans model, she wants to share the most important advises to succeed as a content creator. On the long term!
  1. Plan and schedule your content
Making cute pictures and dropping them on OnlyFans once in a while is ok. However, if you really take your OnlyFans money making seriously, you should plan your content. Take time and sit down to think about what content you want to make and when you want to post it. For your social media accounts, you can even prepare your posts and set them up through different programs. Post everyday, keep yourself on track, always stay learning.
  1. Set goals and strive for them
Make sure you know what you want to achieve! Set goals. For example, what kind of money do you want to earn on average every month? Or how many subscribers do you want to have on your OnlyFans? Make sure you have certain milestones and strive for them. When you achieve a milestone, celebrate! That motivates you extremely to keep on going. Don’t make your goals to big, start with small steps so you keep in achieving.
  1. Stay safe mentally
People say mean things on the internet. Most of the time it isn’t even true, but a projection of their own feelings onto you. Stay strong and try to ignore. You know better and yourself best. Want to help fellow content creators? Share the link to this blog on your socials!