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Exclusive content creator tips from: Ashley Aoki!


Ashley Aoki, our first proud ambassador. Started as a content creator as she already liked making and sharing explicit content. She needed the money as well for supporting herself through college. Very soon, she realized that she wanted to make her career out of it. Right now, she is active on Chaturbate, ManyVids, Twitch and OnlyFans. What she likes most about our service is the sheer amount of stolen content we remove. She also is very happy with the fast response time of our team and their willingness to help.


Ashley wants to share the following tips with you:
  1. Do what feels good, nothing else
Don’t let fans/customers pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. You should feel good about doing this and enjoy it. Doing more and more will maybe bring you more money and fans but will not make you happier. Do what you like most and enjoy it.
  1. Networking!
Working as a content creator from home can be a bit lonely. Make sure you connect with fellow content creators to stay in touch and learn from them as well! Ask for example what they think about your content and what you could improve from a content creator’s perspective.
  1. Protect your personal privacy
Your closest friends might know what you do to make money. There might also are people who know you that you don’t want to find out. Therefore, I highly recommend you protect your privacy by hiring a professional to do so. I use Cam Model Protection and would definitely recommend them to make sure the people who shouldn’t know what you do, won’t find out. Want to know more about Ashley and want to learn from her? Make sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram!