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Dealing with feeling ashamed

Dealing with feeling ashamed

Starting off as a content creator gives you a lot of opportunities: 

  • – Freedom 
  • – Making money for yourself 
  • – Feeling empowered  
  • – Feeling sexy. 

Yet, shame is a feeling that might also pop up during your content creating career. We’ve heard multiple times about the insecurities of friends and family finding out about this way of making money.  

In this blog, we tell you more about feeling ashamed and how to deal with it.  


We discovered that, through contact with many content creators, the feeling of empowerment and freedom is one of the best things. Money starting to flow, and the number of followers grows every day. You’re on top of the world and no one can harm you.  

But what if you are not sure what to film or photograph next? You’re lacking creativity and not sure how you want to present yourself to your fans? What if the money coming in is disappointing and not what you expected to be?  

If reality isn’t what you expected to be, you might feel insecure and maybe even ashamed of starting in the first place. 
You are not alone in feeling this way. Most starting content creator experienced insecurities and had to overcome bumps on the journey in order to succeed.

Content creators we have spoken would advice you:  

  • – To push through  
  • – Do the things you feel really good about 
  • – Keep calm and carry on

Family and friends finding out

Some creators choose to openly tell their friends and family about their career step. Others like to keep it as a secret because of the taboo. We’ve noticed that the taboo is diminishing. But we are not there yet.  

Due to different casualties (trolls, content piracy or by accident), family and friends could find out about your content making business. Reactions can be very compassionate and openminded but can also be humiliating or judgmental. ‘Why would you put yourself on the internet like that?’, ‘Don’t you have a little bit self-worth?’ or ‘You should be ashamed of yourself’. 

Whether you choose to tell your surroundings or not, prepare yourself for the fact that they might find out. With content piracy on the lurk, it should be naïve to not accept that it could happen sometime in the future. Ask other content creators about their experiences with telling people or their acquaintances finding out. Keep in mind that you are an adult, making adult content and it is your choice to do so.  

Negative comments

Your followers count grows every day, and you have a lot of happy fans. And then there is that one guy that has something to say about your photos or videos. It isn’t what he expected, or he doesn’t like the things you are doing. These negative comments can affect your self esteem and might make you feel less empowered. Maybe it is to much for some fans and you feel ashamed of doing something you didn’t really felt good about. When dealing with fans or clients, you can never please every single one to the fullest. Unhappy fans or clients will always be there. Asking for a refund or harassing you.

We would like to end by saying: You made the well-considered choose to start as a content creator. You have chosen to do things you feel good about. Don’t let other people tell you what to do. Don’t let shame stand in the way of your success. You go girl!