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All you want to know about Rina Ellis

This week a Q & A with our ambassador Rina Ellis. Happy reading everyone.

Q- What made you decide to start your business?

A- Honestly, being a young curious individual who takes risks and always knew I wouldn’t have a normal conventional job. I don’t like being tied down to one job or company, so it was great that I got to be my own boss. I have always been interested in performing, and have always been very sexual, and needing money quickly. It made sense to me at the time.

Q- How do you think other creators can support their business as lucrative as yours?

A- I think the best thing is to always support people the way you would like to be supported. We were all new once. Be polite, open and help others. Join groups on Discord and Telegram of other creators in the same industry and ask questions! Don’t start fights or drama, this can be a very isolating industry, so the last thing you want is having issues with other creators. If any issues were to occur, talk to the person directly and privately. Ask experienced creators for advice, most are willing to help.

Q- To create good content what are two or three major components?

A- Good lighting, flattering outfits, good camera work, and enjoying what you do. Get creative and don’t be afraid to try out new styles and see what your niche is. Once you find your niche, the content will improve.

Q- How do you connect to other creators for Collab’s?

A- I mainly work solo these days, but usually I DM on Instagram or join groups on Telegram or Discord.

Q- What is the most lucrative platform you’re on? Would you recommend to other creators?

A- Every creator will have a different experience. Some find tipping sites are better, while others prefer sites with private, group or exclusive chat. Personally, I like Stream mate, but as I said, this will vary for each person. I recommend looking up the best sites and trying a few out to see what suits you best.

Q- How do you stay motivated to create new and innovative content?

A- This is hard, because as humans we experience burn out from time to time. The best thing is to not overwork yourself and prevent you’re overwhelmed. Work at a pace that works for you. Staying on top of your physical and mental health is important. Drinking a lot of water, eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and planning out your workday will help.

Q- Who is your celebrity crush?

A- I don’t have celebrity crushes but a few that I find attractive. Megan thee Stallion, Pete Davidson, Miley Cyrus, A$ap Rocky.

Q- How would someone get your special attention?

A- I don’t like attention these days (lol), but I suppose if someone is a gentleman on my cam show and is very polite, tips well, and doesn’t push my boundaries…. that will help! 😉

Q- Why would you advise other creators to hire an anti-piracy service?

A- Because pirated content and fake accounts continue to be a problem. Doing it all yourself can be tedious and sometimes unsuccessful. CMP do all that for you and can deal with the annoying pirated content that you won’t want to deal with. It also saves you a lot of stress because it’s incredibly frustrating. Love, Rina Rina Ellis – Instagram: @rinaellisx |  Twitter: @Rinaellisx  |