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All you want to know about Desy Gato

Q- What made you decide to start your business?

A- I started my business to seek financial and physical freedom. I hated the corporate life and knew early on that it wasn’t for me.

Q- How do you think other creators can support each other to make their business as lucrative as yours? Do you have any tips & tricks?

A- Support from others is necessary to grow. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, you need a team! Always comment and like other people’s posts, join collaboration groups & treat other creators the way you want to be treated.

Q- To create good content what are two or three major components?

A- There are many components to creating good content but the most important one is LIGHTING.

Q- How do you connect to other creators for collabs?

A- I connect with other creators through social media or email (for the bigger accounts) and simply ask if they are willing to collaborate. My biggest advice is to be consistent and never give up. It’s such simple advice yet it flies right over everybody’s head. I must message 100 girls to get 10 responses to collaborate and that’s me at 1.2 million followers. Patience and perseverance will take you far.

Q- What is the most lucrative platform you’re on? Would you recommend to other creators?

A- The most lucrative platform to be on is Tik Tok because it’s the easiest to grow and the most organic. I don’t care how old you are, you’re a clown if you’re missing out on Tik Tok. 😉

Q- How do you stay motivated to create new and innovative content? 

A- I stay motivated because I don’t overwhelm myself. I love what I do but it’s very easy to get burnt out, so I always make sure to plan my weeks ahead of time and to ensure that everything gets done without me feeling incredibly overwhelmed. It still happens every now and then but with the proper time management and content management team @indurelifestyle I am doing well.

Q- Who is your celebrity crush?

A- My celebrity crush is bad bunny. My favorite creator that I’ve ever worked with is @jeanphilippe___

Q- How would someone get your special attention?

A- Someone can get my attention by either mailing me fan mail to my PO Box or sliding in the dm with something creative.

Q- Why would you advise other creators to hire an anti-piracy service?

A- I would advise other content creators to have a team like Cam Model Protection, because you MAKE MORE MONEY! Stuff is always getting leaked on Reddit and discord and other terrible websites and ensuring that your content is being removed from those leaks will ensure you’ll make more money. Love, Desy Gato    Desy Gato – Instagram: @desygato  | Twitter: @realdesygato    | TikTok: @desygato  | OnlyFans: | @desygato