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We understand that it’s hard to just join a service without knowing what it does and how it can help you. This is why we offer a free trial to any new Cam Model so that you can experience the advantages of our services and how it works.

The free trial consists of a one-time search and takedown. We will simply do a one-time search to locate pirated copies of your images, videos, and live webcam recordings and take them down a few of them so that you can actually see that our services really work. Once all of this has been done we’ll send you a report with what we have removed for you and also a recommendation for the plan that would suit you best. After this you can decide what you want to do by ordering the plan you need to get the remaining infringing material removed.

Please give us all the necessary information we need to set up your account. After we’ve received your application we will set up searches to locate your content right away.

We’re experiencing a high demand in free trial requests and our paid memberships. Because of this it will take us a few days to deliver you a free trial report instead of 24 hours.

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