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White knight, the anonymous heroes

April 16, 2021
April 16, 2021 Karlijn

True fans and followers

As a content creator, you probably have a lot of loyal fans and followers who love everything you do on the internet. They want to do anything that’s possible to make you happy and feel appreciated. Maybe you even received presents already or things from your Wishlist from these lovely people.

It may not have passed your thoughts before, but what if these fans can also help you protect against piracy? Indirectly, they make sure you make more money through content protection. We have known these silent heroes for many years now.

How it started

At first, we didn’t offer the service that fans/followers could sponsor our service. Then one day, a creator contacted us and asked if one of her loyal fans could pay for our service for her. The follower noticed all the stolen content from his precious content creator and felt powerless. He figured out about CamModelProtection and didn’t think twice. Instead of buying her gifts from her wishlist, he thought of paying for her content protection. That way, she could even make more money since less of her content was found on tube site or other unintended places. He contacted her about this, and the rest is history.
Now that is what we call a true hero!

How does it work?

Content creators are more then aware of the fact that content piracy is happening nowadays. Loyal fans and followers who will always attend your cam shows, buy your content on your OnlyFans account or other of your platforms, are less aware of this danger. Our advice will be, bring it to their attention! Let them know during your cam session. If you have a YouTube channel, call on them to sponsor you and get you and your content protected today. Let them know the one who protects you, will be your true hero.

Once you found your hero, send him/her the follow link: https://my.cammodelprotection.com/cart.php?gid=2
Just like you, sponsors are able to cancel the subscription monthly, so they are not bound by an annual contract or whatsoever. Found more heroes? Ask either one of them to sponsor one month for example. Six heroes means half a year of protection against those nasty pirates.

So, let’s find our true heroes within your loyal group of followers and make them super heroes today!

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