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How can you prevent pirates from stealing your content?!

April 9, 2021
Posted in Piracy
April 9, 2021 Karlijn

Once upon a time;

Content creators lived in a world where pirates did’nt steal and publish someone else’s content online. Everyone would respect the content creator and pays for the content through the platforms that are provided to get the content. Cam models, OnlyFans models and other content creators would live happily ever after. The end.  

In a perfect world, pirates are unable to steal content online.  Unfortunately, for now that is an utopia, but we are fighting hard to get there. Now, if pirates are dedicated to steal your content, they will find a way.  

What to do?

Luckily, together we adapted to the online world we live in. So let’s share tips and tricks to protect ourselves and help each other out!  

Since we’ve been active in the adult industry for more then 5 years now, we are happy to share some knowledge with you about how you can discourage pirates as much as possible to steal your content. 

  • Make your social media platforms private 

By shielding your Instagram/Twitter or other social media platforms, you’ll make it harder for pirates to copy your images and video’s. Less images and videos will be really easy to find when people try to search your name. And you are in control of who you allow to follow you and has access to your content. 

  • Focus on the personal touch if fans actually subscribe for your content  

Seeing images and watching videos as a fan is one thing, but what’s more exciting then actually talking to and interacting with the content creator?! Make sure people are aware of what they miss out on when searching for leaked content where they can’t really interact with you. When people are more willing to subscribe for your content, less people will search for pirated copies and pirates have less followers or paying customers for their stolen content of you.  

  • Stick to a few clear stage names 

In the past we’ve seen some models with a rich amount of stage names. When you have a lot of stage names or varieties of your name, it makes it harder for fans to find your posted content. They’ll easily end up on a pirate or tube site, thinking it’s you because you use many stage names. When sticking to a maximum stage names, it’s clear when it’s your content. Another benefit of using few stage names, is for agencies like us to easier find your stolen content and report/remove it.  

Together we are strong!

We admit that these advices won’t ban pirates from stealing your content. Our goal by given these advices is to give you an insight in how pirates work. What makes it easy for them to find and steal your content.

We are extremely proud to see that a lot of models support each other in protecting each other’s content.  Models have tipped us about other model’s content being stolen. We love the support we see and encourage models to keep on going with the good vibes. The sooner we spot and report stolen content of one another, the better we can protect it!  

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