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Exclusive content creator tips from: Charlotte Lavish

May 4, 2021
May 4, 2021 Karlijn


This month, we are sharing some very useful advice from one of our ambassadors, Charlotte Lavish. For 1,5 years now, she has been active as a content creator and loves doing it.

Charlotte has been with us for one year now. She loves the fact that we use search engine removal, search manually 2 hours a week for her AND she can send in links she found herself of stolen content. She can then check and monitor all the reported and removed images real-time in her personal client account. Charlotte met us through other models posting about CamModelProtection. She investigated it further and doesn’t regret making the decision to hire our services.

She likes to help other content creators with the following tips:

1. Always watermark your content

Charlotte calls on girls to protect their content through watermarking, especially videos. When videos and images are stolen, people watching these stolen images and will always know whose content it is. Maybe they even think twice and buy the content directly from the content creator instead of watching her stolen content.

2. Remain consistent in posting and interacting with fans

Something that everyone loves is structure. When fans are used to receiving a message back on OnlyFans within 24 hours, make sure you do this every time. If you post on you Instagram every morning, keep up the good work. Fans will get used to your behavior and consistently posting and look forward to your next post or message.

3. Be social. Get to know other content creators

Networking with other content creators must be one of the most important things Charlotte is appointing. In the end, it’s a small world with all kinds of content creators in which we have to support each other. Get to know other content creators and go places. What Charlotte does for example, is posting about a trip she is planning to see of there are content creators who would like to connect and meet up. Being kind to one another brings a lot of positive vibes and benefits. You have to help each other in this industry.

Want to know more about Charlotte Lavish? Go to her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/charlotte.lavish/ and don’t forget to start following her!

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