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What is it we do? And for how long have we
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About Cam Model Protection

Cam Model Protection is a company that offers online protection solutions and is located in The Netherlands since 2010. In that year we partnered with iStudio57, a former Modeling Agency located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA that recruited, trained and managed Cam Models. With our combined 7 years experience in fighting online piracy we have all the technology and knowledge to offer adult content creators the very best protection they could possibly want at affordable prices.

Anti Piracy and Cam Modeling

Cam Model Protection is an Anti-Piracy and Privacy Protection service created exclusively for adult content creators. When a cam girl signs up for a Pro or Superstar account we will monitor the Internet 24/7/365 for their pirated images, videos and live webcam recordings. Our research has shown that most cam models (women and men) use adult content creation as a way to pay for higher education.

Cam Modeling helps to get them through hard times or they use it as a bridge to their next career. DON’T LET YOUR AWESOME CAM MODELING EXPERIENCE HAUNT YOU FOR YEARS AFTER YOU QUIT OR RETIRE. Cam Model Protection makes sure that our online content creators’ pirated images, videos and live webcam recordings are removed from image and file hosting services, tube sites and search engines… We don’t mess around!

Protecting your Online Privacy

Many camgirls have thought and believed that their identity and privacy was protected from their family, friends, employers, and ex-partners by blocking their country, state, or city on the online modeling website account they work on, but it’s NOT. Fans, Members, and Freeloaders can record ANY live webcam stream and private sessions. They can take those copyrighted recordings along with the videos adult content creators sell and illegally upload them to various adult websites that profit from cam models’ hard earned work.

This practice is even done by these pirates many years after camgirls quit or retired. This means that their images, videos, and live webcam recordings are no longer blocked in their country, state, or city. Cam Models’ copyrighted works will show up on 100’s if not 1000’s of adult websites for years to come. Cam Model Protection does not want ANY adult content creator to be a victim of Copyright Infringement. Our technology and manual searches will help camgirls fight back, restore their rights, and regain their privacy. No online content creator has to feel helpless anymore.

The Solutions we Offer

We have 3 levels of protection for cam models; Pro, Superstar and Superstar VIP. If you are a new or part-time adult content creator we recommend starting at our Pro level. As you become more popular and work full-time you should increase your protection to our Superstar level. If you are a top online content creator or you have been modeling for more than 2 years, we recommend the VIP level.

There is no doubt that you have 1000’s of pirated content all over the internet along with new uploads each day. By selecting our VIP plan, we will assign you a personal agent who will manually search for your content each week. For the majority of camgirls who fall in between, our Superstar level will work best.

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